Mini-Show VII

  • 25 Oct 2014
  • Silver Hills Stables, 12608 Harris Branch Parkway Manor, TX 75032
Mini-shows are a fun way to strut your stuff for awards and improve your riding with feedback from “L” and higher judges. All shows are held at Silver Hill Stables.

Test Selection

For test that are not listed please choose "Other". You will be able to type in the test you plan to ride. If you are doing Western Dressage please type in WD before our after your test selection so we know to pull the correct test.

New for 2013 are the USEF Rider Tests. To learn more about these tests CLICK HERE.

If you are doing LEADLINE classes, please check here for which leadline test you wish to ride. There are 3 tests to choose from.

 Dressage Seat Equitation. 

The purpose of the Dressage Seat Equitation is to promote and reward correct seat, position and use of aids in dressage for all riders.

Riders will be judged (as a group) at the medium walk, working trot (sitting and rising) and working canter in both directions. The judge has the option of asking for independent execution of certain movements. Judges can also ask for but are not limitied to: 

  • Free walk 
  • Leg yield
  • Trot lengthening and/or canter lengthening
  • Riding without stirrups
  • Change of diretion across the diagonal, down centerline, across the arena and/or by making a half-circle athe the walk or trot.

This class is exempt from the 3 ride maximum.

Judge:  Leslie Cummings “L”

The closing date for Mini-Shows is the Saturday at noon, 1 week before the show for a one-ring show, 2 weeks before a two-ring show. If you are mailing a check, please note that checks will not hold entry the week PRIOR to closing date.

  • No entries accepted after closing date.
  • No refunds after closing date. No exceptions!
  • Change fees will be charged after the deadline.

Any questions regarding the entry form, please email Erika at or call 512 922-5400.


Your entry is not complete with out a copy of your Coggins and you will not have preferred ride time until it's received.  You will be guaranteed an END-OF-DAY ride time if not received by closing date or received at show. Horse is not to be unloaded until Coggins is presented, make sure you have it ready to hand over upon arrival.

CTDS requires an electronic copy (pdf,jpg any format that we can access and read) If you can not provide an electronic copy, CTDS will create one for you. A fee of $5 per copy will be charged.

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