Show Volunteer Positions

Responsible for noting the judge’s comments and scores exactly as the judge pronounces them. Will ensure that the test is labeled with the correct horse and rider when the contestant enters the ring. Will communicate with the runner when a test is missing, when items (e.g., additional blank tests, pens, drinks, etc.) are needed. Must ensure that each test given to the runner has been signed and that each blank has been filled. Must also ensure that each revised mark and errors are clearly and properly indicated.

Paddock Master
Keeps track of competitors and maintains order and decorum in warm-up and show rings. Paddock Master has the authority to divert unruly horses to an alternate warm-up venue. Will notify the judge of no-shows or scratches. Will notify the ring custodian when arena should be tidied. Will open gates and/or move parts of the dressage arena to provide entry for contestants. Will perform Tack Checker duties if required by Show Manager.

Judge Hospitality
Responsible for providing lunch and a couple of beverages for the judge. Does not need to be present all day, but must ensure that arrangements are made for hot or cold beverages as appropriate, especially in extreme weather. Lunch should be provided in a manner to ensure that the temperature of the meal is appropriate for consumption (e.g., hot foods stay hot and cold foods remain cold). No alcoholic beverages, please. Volunteer will not be reimbursed for purchases made related to this assignment.

Provides communication between the judges’ table and the show office. Will collect the test(s) from the scribe and deliver to the scorer in a timely and confidential manner. May be asked to provide communication from the show office to other show volunteers. Should be diligent about watching for a signal from other volunteers (e.g. Paddock Master, Scribe, etc.) for assistance. Will transport items to and from the judges’ table. May be called upon to fill other volunteer roles or run additional errands as needed.

Will check each test for completion and signature. Will compute the scores, multiplying the coefficients and deducting the errors. If a question about a mark arises, the scorer will make a note and return the note and the test via the runner to the judge for clarification. If the matter is not clear after the return of the test, the scorer will wait for a break to confer personally with the judge. Will post the scores/placings on the results board and will distribute the test and appropriate ribbon to the contestant.

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