L Program - Part 2 (D1, D2 and Final Exam)

  • 19 Jan 2019
  • 08 Sep 2019
  • 3 sessions
  • 19 Jan 2019 (CST) 20 Jan 2019 (CST)
  • 23 Mar 2019 (CST) 24 Mar 2019 (CST)
  • 07 Sep 2019 (CST) 08 Sep 2019 (CST)
  • Katy and Tyler, TX


  • This fee includes D1 D2 and Exam

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Information regarding Part 2  


1.  Only 10 Participants can be accepted into Part 2. Please check with the organizer regarding availability and requirements.

2.  Organizers are not required to host a Part 2.

3.  Candidates are responsible for finding their own scribe for each session as needed.  Assistance in locating a scribe will be provided by the organizer for candidates coming from outside the region.   Candidates must provide (shared) hotel accommodation, if necessary, and meals for their scribe.

4.  The minimum score requirement to enter Part 2 are three scores from three USEF-licensed dressage judges, two scores of 65% or higher at the highest test of Second Level and one score of 62% or higher at Third Level or above. Three scores of 62% or higher at Third Level or above from three different, or any combination of these requirements would also meet the requirements to enter Part 2. Only scores from USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competition(s) will count.

Candidates are accepted in the following manner:

  • Date application and full payment received.
  • If more than one application with full payment is received on the same day, CTDS members have precedence.
  • Only 10 participants can be accepted per USDF Program Guidelines.
  • A wait list will be created once 10 participants have been approved. The wait list will also be in chronological order with CTDS members receiving precedence if more than one application on the same day.

Scholarships may be available by direct application to:

  • The Dressage Foundation (Trip Harding scholarship for Graduate A or B Pony Clubbers)
  • Your USDF Dressage Region
  • Your USDF GMO

Payment & Cancelation Policy: All payments due by December 15, 2018. After closing date a late registration fee has been added. There are no refunds after closing date. Attendee's are allowed to find substitutes for any of the session if unable to attend. CTDS must be notified of any attendee substitutions for any of the session prior to the start of current session by email to president@ctdsdressage.org 



As a member in good standing of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), I acknowledge my obligation to uphold and adhere to the highest standards of horsemanship and sportsmanship.

 In my role as an L Candidate or L Graduate I will place the rider’s safety and horse’s welfare above all other considerations.

 As a candidate or graduate of the L Program, I will know and comply with all rules of USEF and USDF and honor the principles of fair play inherent in them. 


 I understand that as a candidate or graduate of the L Program, I serve as a representative for our sport, USDF, and the USDF L Program.  I will serve as a positive example through my conduct and behavior by maintaining a professional demeanor.  

I further understand that any USDF member suspended by USEF will be considered a USDF member not in good standing during the period of suspension.  During this period, such person will be ineligible to participate in USDF programs, including having his/her name removed from the list of L Graduates on the USDF Website.

I acknowledge my membership in this professional community and my responsibility to demonstrate respect for my fellow professionals at all times.  

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