Frequently Asked Questions

How much “credit” do I get if I work for Reduced Fees?
Working a show job for a two-hour “shift” qualifies you for the reduced class fee, for a maximum of 3 classes. So, if you work two hours, you may ride one, two, or three tests for the reduced rate of $15, $30, or $45, respectively, saving $10 on each ride. However, if you ride TWO horses for TWO tests each while working a two-hour “shift,” you would pay the reduced for three of the tests and full price for the fourth (i.e., $15+$15+$15+$25=$70). However, if you want to ride TWO horses for TWO tests each and expect reduced fees for all four tests, you must provide a second person to work that additional two-hour shift. In such a case the second person would work two hours for you to save $10, but would receive nothing else (i.e., no volunteer hours would be granted for the “unused” portion of the work assignment for that fourth test).

Can I have someone else work in my place?
Yes. CTDS members or non-members may work in your place and contribute their hours to you either for reduced fees or volunteer hour credit. However, only ONE of you will receive the benefit of each two-hour assignment completed. In addition, if your designated worker fails to complete the assigned shift, the competitor is liable for any penalties incurred. Please see the FAQ below regarding missing a scheduled work time for more information.

Can I split my two-hour assignment with another worker?
This practice is strongly discouraged simply because of the show structure, assigning ride times, and a myriad other issues related to the operation of the Mini-Shows. That said, however, requests for splitting work shifts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In what priority are volunteer assignments made?
All things equal, volunteer assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis meaning that the sooner you get your entry in, the higher on the list you are for a job. However, CTDS members are always given top priority. Then, non-members working for “free,” meaning not riding in competition. Then, non-members working for reduced fees. Then, the same order of priority as above applies to those who are waitlisted. The operational needs of the Show Manager take precedence over volunteer requests. Please keep in mind that, while one of the functions of the Mini-Shows is to achieve our educational mission, it is also a money-making endeavor.

Will I have to wait around all day to work after I ride or have to be on-site hours before my ride?
Every effort will be made to assign a volunteer position in the two-hour “block” of time immediately before or immediately after the volunteer’s assigned ride time(s), but this is not guaranteed. It is highly unlikely, however, that a volunteer will ride in the first block of the schedule and be assigned a volunteer position in the last block or vice versa. If this occurs, the situation will be discussed with the rider before the assignment is made.

What if the show is running long and my ride time is approaching while I’m still completing my volunteer assignment?
Volunteer assignment times are approximate and generally correspond with blocks of the show schedule. Volunteers are expected to be reasonably flexible and the Show Manager will work diligently to ensure that riders have adequate time to cool down/put up their horse or tack up/warm up for their ride(s). If you have a conflict, approach the Mini-Show Manager immediately to make arrangements. The priority is that you and your horse are adequately prepared and ride in your assigned time slot(s); therefore, arrangements will be made to replace you in your volunteer assignment.

What happens if my scheduled work time runs over?
If the pace of the show dictates thus and volunteers work longer than the two-hour block assigned, the Club greatly appreciates your patience while another volunteer is secured to fill your position or the show concludes.

Can I work at one show and then claim reduced fees later on in the show season?

No. A volunteer’s “time” will not be carried over from one show to another. For example, if a volunteer works an additional 30 minutes beyond his/her scheduled volunteer assignment, that does not mean that he/she has earned a 30-minute “credit” toward reduced fees at another show. Any time a volunteer earns at a show will be credited in the form of reduced fees for that show only.

What if I am running late/must scratch/etc. and miss my scheduled work time?
If you chose to work for reduced fees, but are replaced with another worker, you must pay the full price for whatever rides you were assigned. In addition, per Mini-Show Rules, “…failure to appear for your pre-assigned job or failure to perform the job for the required two hours will result in a $30 penalty.” Future show entries (Mini-Shows or USDF rated) or membership/renewal applications will not be accepted until your fiscal obligation is met.

If I have been assigned “Judge Hospitality” do I have to be at the show all day?
No. You do not need to be present at the venue all day, but it is your responsibility to ensure that arrangements are made to provide the judge with a couple of hot or cold beverages as appropriate, especially in extreme weather. Lunch should be provided in a manner to ensure that the temperature of the meal is appropriate for consumption (e.g., hot foods stay hot and cold foods remain cold). Volunteers will be notified in advance of judges’ dietary restrictions in order to plan appropriately. In the past, “Judge Hospitality” volunteers have provided a cooler with beverages, sandwiches, snacks, etc. Others have provided a Thermos of coffee for the morning, a couple of sodas or bottled waters for the afternoon, and a sack lunch. We leave to the volunteer’s discretion what and how much to provide the judge. Volunteers are expected to make arrangements for return of any personal items (e.g., coolers, Thermos’s, etc.) utilized in performing this function. Please keep in mind, too, that although being paid to judge, the reputation of the CTDS is directly related to how pleased the judge is with his/her interaction with all of us, including volunteers. Volunteers will not be reimbursed for purchases made related to this assignment.

What if I am assigned a volunteer job and I don’t like it?
On the entry form, potential volunteers are invited to choose and, if they’d like, to rank their preferences for volunteer assignments. These requests cannot always be accommodated, however. [Please see the FAQ regarding prioritization of assignments above for more information.] The operational needs of the Show Manager take precedence over volunteer requests. If a volunteer is simply uncomfortable with the assignment, believing that he/she does not possess the requisite skills to perform adequately, the Mini-Show Manager will provide whatever training and assistance is necessary. If a volunteer physiologically cannot perform the assignment, the Mini-Show Manager will re-do the assignments so as to not cause undue hardship for the volunteer or impede the operation of the show. If you are unable to volunteer at the Mini-Shows, there are still many other opportunities to assist the Club and promote the sport of Dressage. Ask a Board member for more ideas.

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