USDF “L” Program - 2018

The ever popular USDF “Learner” program will be hosted by CTDS, starting in February of 2018. Part I, three lectures and practice judging weekends, can be attended by anyone but would be of most interest to dressage riders, trainers and instructors as well as serving as continuing education for USEF licensed dressage judges. 30 people can be accepted as Participants and another 20 as Auditors. Participants are required to attend all three Part I weekends, a criteria for Part II, which involves evaluation and testing.

Part I: Educational lectures/discussion at a local TBD location on day 1 and practice judging at Austin Equestrian Center on day 2. 30 Participants maximum.

  • Part I- A: February 3-4, 2018 will be taught by Kathy Rowse and will cover an introduction to Judging and Biomechanics.
  • Part I-B: March 10-111, 2018 will be taught by Joan Darnell and will cover judging criteria for gaits and paces, movements and figures.
  • Part I-C: June 9-10, 2018 will be taught by Debbie Riehls-Rodriguez and will cover the basics, collective marks on gaits, impulsion, submission and the rider.

Part II: Evaluation and Testing. Practice judging at two different competitions. Theses dates are yet to be determined.

  • 10 Participants maximum, based on date application received.
  • CTDS is waiting to offer Part II, until we see that we have interest.
  • Note the new score requirements: the minimum score requirement to enter the Part II will be three scores from three judges, which include two scores of 65% or higher at the highest test of Second Level and one score of 62% of higher at Third Level or above. Three scores of 62% or higher at Third Level or above from three different judges or any combination of these requirements would also meet the requirements to enter Part II.

Application forms for both Participants and Auditors (Part I) are available here.

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