Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Are volunteer hours required for year end awards?
YES! 8hrs minimum is needed. CTDS has many opportunities to fulfill this requirement, don’t be shy. :)

Do my scores automatically go to the Awards Coordinator?
The CTDS mini-show scores automatically go to the Awards Coordinator. Scores for Recognized Shows must be forwarded to the Awards Coordinator.

Are board members eligible for year end awards?
Board Members are not eligible for awards that are voted upon such as Rookie Cookie, Most Contributing, and Education Award.

How many Year End Awards are there and what are they?
Year End Awards can be divided into awards for showing, and involvement/contribution.

Showing Awards: For CTDS mini-shows awards are given for each division for 1st-6th place for Training-2nd level. USDF awards are given from Training to Grand Prix. Awards are also given for Champion and Reserve Champion for each level and division for both mini-shows and USDF Shows.

There are also the following showing awards:

  • Combination Award. To be awarded to the highest age of horse and rider combined receiving the highest percentage in any one (1) test at either the Society or USEF recognized shows.
  • Masters Award: Member who is age 50 or over who has the highest average of four rides under two different judges on any one (1) horse. Statement of age shall be indicated on entry form to be eligible. Rides may be from the Society or USEF recognized shows.
  • Rookie Cookie Award: Horse and rider in the first year of showing. Recipient to be determined by the Board.

Involvement/Contribution Awards include the following:

  • Best Attendance Award. It is awarded to the member who attended the most the Society recognized shows on any horse at any level. If there shall be ties, the highest average of all rides is the Champion, second highest Reserve Champion, the third highest receives Honorable Mention.
  • Most Contributing Member. Individual selected by the Board. The recipient shall be a member of the Society, but need not be a rider.
  • Best Supporting Non-Competitor Award. Individual who has given special support to the Society or its members during the year. Individual selected by the Board.
  • Education Award. CTDS member with the highest number of approved education points accumulated throughout the year. Award will consist of a perpetual trophy (i.e. Top Flight Farms award) and a permanent award to the recipient.

What is the timeline for the show season?
The timeline for show scores to count towards Year End Awards is November 21st of the previous year, to November 20th of the current year.

What needs to be sent to the Awards Coordinator?
For nominations, please provide clear examples on why your nominee should receive the award. For CTDS mini-show scores, I have the list from the Mini-Show manager, so you just need to verify on the website that your scores are correct. For recognized show scores, send in either the front of the test (scanned or mailed), or the “Rider’s Report Form” found in the back of the CTDS Membership Directory.

By what date do scores need to be sent?
Scores must be postmarked by November 20th. However, please remember that you don’t have to wait until the 20th to send your scores. Scores can be sent all year long.

How are the scores figured for awards?
For mini-shows & Recognized Shows, it is the average of the 2 highest scores from the highest test of the level.

How does a rider qualify for the Rider Achievement Program?

The Rider Achievement Program was enacted in 2013.

Rider Achievement Program guidelines:

  • Two scores required from mini show or rated show – one score can be from a non CTDS rated show.
  • Levels to be recognized: Leadline, Introductory, Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth, on up to and including Grand Prix.
  • Qualifying Divisions: Open, Adult Amateur, Jr/YR
  • Qualifying scores:
    • Leadline and Introductory tests – 66%
    • Training – 65%
    • First – 64%
    • Second – 63%
    • Third level and above – 62%
  • Qualifying scores will be accepted from the date of this policy implementation forward.
  • Qualifying scores at Third Level and above will need to be from an appropriate judge.
  • Qualifying exceptions will be reviewed by the board.
  • The Rider Achievement patch/plate is earned by rider once per level.

If a horse and rider re-ride a test during a mini-show, which scores will count?

The first scores will count towards year end awards, not the re-ride scores (the re-ride scores would have been HC anyway). Note: you can have both scores count if you ride one test in Amateur or Junior, and the same test Open.
HC or Hors Concours rides do not count towards Year End scores.

If someone else rides my horse in a show, will her scores count towards my end-of-year award?
No. Only the physical rider of the horse at the time of the show may use the scores for Year End Awards.

When are the awards distributed?
The awards are distributed at the CTDS Year End Banquet.

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